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lgbtq_canada's Journal

Canada's Queer Community
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Canada's Queer Community
I started this community mostly out of curiosity and a desire to connect.

*We are a small community, but if you have questions about your sexuality and how to come to terms with it and what it might all mean, feel free to ask. In the end, it is you that decides, but that doesn't mean that we can't help you know what to ask yourself and reassure you there are other people out there on your part of the queer scale. Likewise if you have questions about coming out. Likely someone in the community knows or can point you in the direction of a community that would know.

*I feel that because of media exposure I know more about what places it may or may not be safe to be out in in the U.S. than in Canada. I thought, perhaps, more Canadians might want to know these things whether out of pure curiosity or because they are considering moving.

*Again, I feel like I know more about the American gay scene, than the Canadian. For example, how much has the L-Word made the lesbian scene in LA famous. Is there a similar scene in one of Canada's major metropolitan areas? Maybe Vancouver or Toronto or Montreal? How much does the scene where you live suck or not suck?

*What does Canada's GLBTQ(and on forever) community think about politics? Are your politics related to your sexuality?

*What kind of prejudice have you experienced? Was it from heteros or from within the queer community?

**Please note, if you are trans, I understand that doesn't necessarily mean you are queer in any way, shape, or form. Please don't be offended by my grouping if you are a straight transman or transwoman.

This is a safe space for Canada's queer community and queer allied community. Come one, come all, but play nice.

*Please make at least a minimal effort to use proper English or French. Entries that are bad enough to be incoherent will be deleted.
*If you promote your community on this one, please ensure it is a related community. We'd also appreciate it if this isn't your whole entry.
*Entries must be queer related or about Canada.
*Flaming will get you banned. You can disagree, but try to maintain at least a thin veneer of civility. Banning is at the discretion of the mods.
*Adult themes (such as questions about sex) are allowed, but you must put them behind an lj-cut which states that they have adult content. Minors in the community are expected to use their discretion in these matters.
*All other adult content must also be put behind an lj-cut with a standard 18+ warning.